IPOC for Paido

The IPOC project takes shape with the Unitat del TROS (SDB Unit) at Paido Salut Infantil.

Paido Salut Infantil, a leading team in the paediatric field, has been dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of children’s and teenager’s health for more than 30 years. Its multidisciplinary team of experts, from general paediatrics and other paediatric specialities, accompanies and cares for children from birth to young adulthood in all areas of their health.

Always at the forefront of the latest techniques and advances in paediatrics, Paido Salut Infantil did not hesitate to incorporate and complete the IPOC project with its extensive team of experts.

The Unitat del TROS (SDB Unit) was born with the aim of filling a gap in children’s healthcare, providing them with a comprehensive and solid diagnosis and treatment, combining the modernization of new scientific knowledge with the experience of their careers.

Paido Salut Infantil exclusively manages the Ambulatory Paediatrics Service of the Dexeus University Hospital. Its facilities have advanced technical equipment, which makes it possible to establish rigorous diagnoses and provide the necessary treatments.